Gessica Giacalone

Hospitality, Food & Beverage Consultant

Gessica Giacalone


I am originally from Sicily, in my home town we are obsessed with food. We research fresh ingredients, the sweetest  vegetables, the fresh fish and the good wine to satisfy family and friends when they join us for lunch.

My love for food started in my early age, when my grandmother used to wake me up every Sunday  morning to make fresh pasta with her.

At that time I wasn’t thinking that the hospitality sector would become my everything…

I moved to England when I was 19 years old and I started my first job as a waitress for an Independent Family Restaurant, few years later I became General Manager for one of the well known Restaurant Company in the UK. I spent 10 years working with them and I enjoyed every single moment. I learned the main factors of “Customer Service”, “Leadership” , “Business Development”, “Team Coaching”, “Food standards” and “Healthy and Safety”.

I like every aspect of the Hospitality Business and this is the reason why  on top of my Consultant job I teach Hospitality and Business at York College, where I have the opportunity to work with young people and be able to share my passion and knowledge.



Deep familiarity with the restaurant industry,
17 years of experience in hospitality.


Spotting issues and areas needing improvement,create flexible action plans that minimise costs and account for obstacles.


Long-term thinking and factor in several variables to form a good picture of how the business works as a whole.


Respect client’s vision and preferences and take them into consideration when proposing changes.


Where can your business cut costs and increase profits? I will show you.

I will assess and examine your concept. I then analyse the most successful route, location, concept, and menu to ensure success. Services that I provide include Restaurant Operations, Business Strategies, Concept Innovation, Team Development, menu and recipe development, cost Analysis, inventory management, theft and internal controls, restaurant and kitchen design, training (chef, cooks, managers and waitstaff), digital marketing and web development.


In order to fully understand the problem,I will initially conduct in-depth observations of the restaurant.

Why is your restaurant failing to maximise or turn a profit? What are the problems? Where are the problems occurring? When are these issues taking place? How do we not only fix them, but how do we prevent them from happening again? 

Solving the world’s biggest problems requires instinct and imagination.

Will work tougher to find the best packages and options depending on your budget.

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Piccolino - Manchester
Piccolino - Sheffield
Delrio's - York
Piccolino - Collingham
Clementine Townhouse Hotel -York
Corte dei Tusci - Follonica
Marco's Restaurant - Lancaster
Mario's - Barnoldswich
Giraffe - Leeds
Giraffe - York
Gino D'Acampo - Hull
The Restaurant Bar & Grill - Leeds
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This is a list of some of the nice places where I worked.

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